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Intellectual property

Multimedia content

The multimedia content of B612’s Internet site as well as the elements composing it (information, graphic elements, images, texts, videos, trademarks, logos, animations and other documents) are protected by intellectual property law.
According to article L. 122-4 of the Intellectual Property Code: ‘Any representation or total or partial reproduction made without the consent of the author or its assigns or its dependants is unlawful. The same applies for translation, adaptation or transformation, arrangement or reproduction by any method or procedure whatsoever’.
As such, any reproduction and/or modification (total or partial) may only be made with prior express authorisation, on penalty of being considered as an act of counterfeit and being sanctioned by the competent courts pursuant to article L. 335-2 et seq. of the Intellectual Property Code.

The logotypes and credits present on the Internet site

All the logotypes (usually called ‘logos’) present on the B612 Internet site are protected by intellectual property law.
B612’s logo is protected, as are the logos of the building’s resident members. Therefore, any reproduction or modification (total or partial) of these graphic elements is prohibited without prior written authorisation.
Image credits:
© Kardham Cardete Huet Architecture / Oppidea / A.Späni
Axon Communication
B. Aïach – Toulouse Métropole
Le Petit Prince ® © Succession Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Link to the website (hypertext link)

Toulouse Métropole authorises any Internet site or any medium to set up a hypertext link to its content with the exception of those disseminating content of a polemical, pornographic, xenophobic nature, contrary to decency or morality.
Therefore, the entire linked page must be respected, and no connection to another site must be made. Likewise, the link must indicate clearly the nature of the content, as well as the exact address of the page.

Personal data protection

Data collected by means of the contact form are subjected to computer processing intended to respond to your request. Toulouse Métropole, which owns and manages building B612, is responsible for the processing. The recipient of the data is:; data will be kept for 3 months. In accordance with the legislation relating to personal data protection, you benefit from the right of access, modification and deletion of the data regarding yourself.
You can exercise this right by contacting us and indicating if possible the context in which this personal data collection was made so that we can find the information regarding yourself more easily:
– either by post: Accueil B612, 3 rue Tarfaya 31400 Toulouse
– or by means of the contact form on our website


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To make the services more efficient, our site uses ‘cookies’:

– to produce statistics via the Google Analytics tool. These cookies provide information on the way in which the site is used, while respecting the anonymity of Internet users (number of visitors, average duration of visits, headings and pages most consulted, etc.). They enable us to improve the content of our information pages and the ergonomics of our services.
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The internal trackers of our website are kept for no longer than thirteen months and are not extended on new visits.

How to refuse a cookie through the intermediary of your browser?

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Exemption from liability

NFrance, as the host of the B612 website, and Toulouse Métropole undertake to ensure the permanence, continuity and quality of the service. They therefore decline any liability in case of temporary or permanent inaccessibility of the content.
Furthermore, we hereby inform you that any attempt at piracy or hijacking of the site will be recorded and will give rise to legal proceedings.
Toulouse Métropole also endeavours to ensure the accuracy and regular updating of the information disseminated on Toulouse Métropole reserves the right to correct and modify the content of the website at any time without incurring any liability.
However, Toulouse Métropole declines any liability in case of error, imprecision, technical inaccessibility or falsifying of the content. If you do experience any problems, despite our efforts, please inform us by means of the contact form provided for that purpose.