Great-X: a company that’s not afraid of the crisis!

Great-X: a company that’s not afraid of the crisis!


If you enter the B612 building and ask for Room#42, don’t expect to enter a family suite overlooking the Thames. Room#42 is the brainchild of Great-X, a Toulouse-based company specializing in cyber security. It’s a crisis simulator, a “panic-room”, a kind of torture chamber for computer systems that allows organizations to experience their worst-case scenarios.

Photo credit: ©Great-X

Made in Toulouse and modeled on the European Commission’s crisis simulator in Luxembourg, this one-of-a-kind tool in France originated in the French Army. It simulates an attack on servers and helps detect both technical system defects as well as human error. 130 sessions have been held in Room#42 since 2019. Airbus and Thalès came to give it a try before going into partnership with Great-X.

Simulation and stimulation


Beyond measuring risk, the company supports organizations and provides them with the necessary means to adapt to disasters in the fields of cyber security, risk management, business continuity and crisis management. So many current topics… Great-X’s promise to its customers? Human resilience!


The company is proud to be located in the B612 building, of the attraction of the Toulouse Aerospace headquarters and of how much it can stimulate innovation. Projects are also underway that, for now, must remain confidential. It should be noted that Great-X also works with customers throughout France, notably in Paris and Rennes. The best cyber defense is cyber-attack!