ESSP sails into the future!

ESSP sails into the future!


ESSP is one of those companies that is not well known to the general public, but contributes to the development of useful applications for everyday life. ESSP was born just 11 years ago and currently has 130 employees, two-thirds of whom operate from the sixth floor of the B612 building. ESSP provides 24/7 EGNOS services, a satellite system owned by the European Union that provides location services that are not only more accurate than GPS, but also three dimensional.



Its main application is the satellite guidance of aircraft and helicopters on landing, throughout Europe. As a result of this innovation, airports can now do without ground guidance, and aircraft and helicopters can land without external help, even in reduced visibility conditions.

From connected cockpits to farming guidance systems


It is thus perfectly natural that ESSP is located in the B612 building, and this presence within a collective entity dedicated to innovation is conducive to the emulation and emergence of new services and uses. These future uses for satellite-connected cockpits will include the optimization of aircraft trajectories, providing maximum safety as well as fuel efficiency. This will also include helicopters and drones.


ESSP’s expertise can also be of use to the automotive sector (automatic emergency call with geolocation in case of an accident), maritime transport (guidance of ships and cruise liners at docks), or farming (guidance of plowing, processing and harvesting equipment to best suit farmers’ needs)

All of these applications, whether they are new or yet to come, promote better safety, efficiency, cost effectiveness, as well as an environmental gain since movements are optimized to the nearest meter.